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Your Input Requested: Local Data Needs

Dear MAPP Network,

NACCHO is partnering with the National Center for Vital Health Statistics to determine what local level data exists for your community that can be used to assess, measure, and improve local health and well-being. The data collected ideally will encompass the key determinants of health, especially “non-traditional” measures not typically included in clinical health measurement, such as education, poverty, ready access to healthy food, and includes data sets in health and other sectors, e.g., transportation, housing, education, environment, to contribute to the development of a consistent way of describing and measuring community health that goes beyond but includes health services delivery.

The aim of this scan is to identify existing sets of core domains (frameworks) in widespread use, as well as collect examples of indicators/measures available at a geographic (sub-county) level and for non-geographically defined population groups within each domain:

i. As existing available public data; and/or

ii. Available because of special community data collection efforts (surveys; compilation of existing local administrative, government, and/or program data); and/or

iii. Estimated through small area estimation.

To inform this environmental scan, we invite you to forward examples of measurement frameworks or indicator data sets to, copying me at ( at your earliest opportunity (no later than January 11).

Many thanks,


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