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Webinar: Five Ways to Boost the Score of your CDC PICH Grant Application

July 11 (2:30 PM Central Time), July 15 (10:30 AM Central Time) & recording available on July 14th.

If you’re pursuing the PICH (Partnerships to Improve Community Health) grant or the CDC’s other Chronic Disease Prevention grants, this 30-minute Webinar will give you practical tips and tools to quickly improve your application be more successful in your health improvement efforts.

The Five Topics We Will Cover in this Webinar:

1)      Building and Using a Better Logic Model.  Learn how to move beyond a typical, static one-page logic model that is of limited value, and demonstrate how you’ll take advantage of a technology-enabled, dynamic, “zoomable logic” model that is integrated with performance monitoring and strategy execution.

2)      Making Your SMART Objectives even Smarter. By using techniques that are ideal for multi-organization coalitions working to have collective impact—rather than techniques for isolated programs—you can more clearly define your strategy and more easily meet the PICH implementation and performance management requirements.  

3)      Delivering More Bang for your Evaluation Buck. (Impacts 15 points!)  Learn how to leverage research-based improvements in evaluation techniques and tools that factor in the importance of Collective Impact, Developmental Evaluation, and Emergent Strategies.

4)      Making Performance Management a Strength and Differentiator (Impacts 10 points).  Not only is performance management one of the best areas to outscore other applicants, it is also an area where you can greatly simplify the work it will take to manage this program and more efficiently work with a large, multi-sector collaboration. 

5)      Including Strategies to Leverage Additional Resources to Improve Sustainability.  Applicants must demonstrate how they will have resources to continue the work when this 3-year funding ends.  Learn key ways to accomplish this (and tap into resources even if you don’t win this funding).  

This Webinar will be offered twice and made available as a recording.  So, register even if you can’t be available on the times it is offered.

  • Friday, July 11 at 2:30 to 3:00 PM Central Time
  • Tuesday, July 15 at 10:30 to 11:00 AM Central Time

We know you’re busy and that the timeline to get this application submitted is very short.  This presentation will provide practical action steps to quickly make improvements in your grant application and collaboration effectiveness.

This Webinar is not endorsed by the CDC nor is it an official Webinar for the PICH grant.  We can’t guarantee that these steps will improve your score, but if you’re applying for the PICH grant, investing 30 minutes to learn about these valuable differentiators could give you an advantage.  Otherwise, you may be at a disadvantage to those who do.

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