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In order to streamline our communications, NACCHO’s Performance Improvement team will be implementing several changes to our current online forums and e-newsletters, as follows:

  • We will be combining the MAPP Update and AccreditNATION into one monthly newsletter, PI Compass. As a member of the MAPP Network, you will automatically be added to the PI Compass distribution list IF you are in NACCHO’s database. You can create a free account on here. We will share a link to subscribe to the new newsletter through a final MAPP update.
  • Additionally, the MAPP Network online forum will be migrating to NACCHO’s Virtual Communities platform, where we will continue to share MAPP updates and news of interest to MAPP communities. To join the new MAPP Network virtual community, you will need to register on our Virtual Communities page by signing up here. Please note: you will also need an account on in order to join the Virtual Communities group.  Your current MAPP Network account will not automatically be transferred.

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