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Upcoming Webinar: Connecticut Health Equity Index: A Tool for Community Engagement

Despite strong public health efforts, health inequities can be found in towns and cities throughout Connecticut. Moving our attention to the underlying community conditions and opportunities that support good health practices and outcomes can meaningfully improve quality of life for all residents.To that end, the Connecticut Association of Directors of Health has developed the Health Equity Index, which is a community-based analytic tool that profiles and provides measures representing community conditions in relation to specific health outcomes. The Index provides data, scores, correlations and GIS mapping for all 169 communities in Connecticut. The scores are calculated on a 10-point scale with 1 (red) indicating the least desirable community conditions or health outcomes, and 10 (green) indicating the most desirable. A score of 5 is the median value for the state.
The Index can be used to:

  • Illuminate conditions in neighborhoods and communities related to the root cause of poorer health;
  • Encourage collaboration between public health, community leaders, neighborhood residents, and civic leadership to address health inequities; and
  • Focus policymakers' efforts and investments in improving conditions that promote good health.

"Connecticut Health Equity Index: A Tool for Community Engagement"

July 26, 2:00 pm EDT

This is a Community Indicators Consortium (CIC) webinar.Webinars are free for CIC members and cost $25 for other participants.

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