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Upcoming ASTHO Webinar: Evidence-Based Public Health in Action: Strategies from New York

New York’s Prevention Agenda Toward the Healthiest State prioritizes evidence-based decision making in its multi-sector collaborations. This dynamic webinar will outline New York’s Prevention Agenda and the accompanying steps and strategies taken to effectively create a culture of evidence-based public health at the state and local level.


 The webinar will feature the following speakers from the New York State Department of Health: 

Guthrie (Gus) Birkhead, MD, MPH,  Deputy Commissioner of the Office of Public Health

Rachel de Long, MD, MSPH, Director of the Bureau of Maternal and Child Health

Kristine Mesler, RN, MPA, Associate Director of the Bureau of Maternal and Child Health

Christopher Maylahn, MPH, Program Research Specialist in the Office of Public Health Practic


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