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Tips on Selecting Software for Community Health Assessments

When the time comes to select certain software to help you conduct your community health assessments, there are many things to keep in mind. There's a lot of software out there, and many can be extremely expensive. When looking at different features and making a decision on purchasing one,  here are a few things to keep in mind:

- How easy is it to add new indicators, especially important ones to your community partners and residents?

- Is there flexibility in how data is managed and presented? If so, are there costs associated with changing options?

Can new, publicly available data (e.g. county health rankings, census) be easily updated to allow for tracking change over time? Are there costs associated with these updates?

- Can the data be analyzed and mapped at the sub-county level by census-track, neighborhood, or street level?

- Can you do cross tabulations with variables such as race, ethnicity, age, education, etc.?

When the time comes to select software and you'd like more information or some MAPP-recommended resources, feel free to email

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