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This nationwide quality improvement initiative brings together public health, primary care and other community sectors (such as schools, parks, agriculture, housing, transportation and business), for the prevention and treatment of individuals with overweight and obesity.

Specifically, the Aim of the Healthy Weight Collaborative (HWC) is to enable multi-sector Teams (consisting of primary care, public health and community sector participants) to implement selected evidence-based and promising interventions to accelerate progress towards community-wide healthy weight and health equity.

Selected Teams will engage in a variety of activities to help their local communities, states, tribes and other interested groups develop practical approaches that link primary care, public health, and communities to prevent and treat obesity for children and families. Using established quality improvement methods, staff, quality improvement experts, and national and regional faculty will provide training and technical assistance to Teams.

Sustainability of the strategies will be a major focus of effort throughout the Healthy Weight Collaborative. Teams will be coached on how to make successful strategies sustainable through embedding them in organizational policies and community rules and regulations as well as aligning themselves with existing programs. Use of ongoing measurement is a critical determinant of sustainability of organizational change, as well as ongoing alignment of leadership focus with the desired changes. As part of this effort, quality improvement experts, and national and regional faculty will provide teams with support to spread their learnings within their organizations and throughout their communities.

There are several benefits to participating in the Healthy Weight Collaborative, including: access to national and regional obesity experts, trained quality improvement experts, building quality improvement knowledge and capacity that can be applied in many areas beyond the project, and the opportunity to engage with a community of learners working towards a common Aim.


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