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I am interested in hearing from anyone that has used a "wailing wall" to collect data from community members on their concerns, opinions, and perceptions of health/quality of life in the community.  What questions did you use?  What types of community events or places did you set it up at?  Our MAPP Community Themes and Strengths subcommittee is interested in using this format in our community as one way to collect their data.


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I have heard of this used in Warren County, NJ. You may want to try to contact them for some information.

We wanted to do something similar at a community event called Mableton Day in our community. We were going to use it in conjuction with a paper/pencil survey. People seemed more comfortable with filling in the survey than writing on the wall. We ended up having the children draw pictures of healthy foods and snacks on our posters while parents were filling in surveys. We gave the children small toys for prizes and had fruit skewers to draw people to our table. We are hoping to capture more qualitative data through our focus groups.




Hi Jennifer,

I have not heard of this before but I can see the benefit if the right questions are asked.  It's always a challenge when we open things up so wide that there may be issues that surface that we can't do anything about!  However, I would suggest stating that you include both a wailing wall and a praise you are gathering both concerns and issues but also strengths and assets which is a very important part of the CTSA which is often ignored.  Questions to consider .....What issues or barriers are keeping XXX community from (insert vision)?  What keeps XXX community from being healthy?  What keeps you and your family from being the healthiest you can be?  What concerns you most about XXX community?  I would put a couple of these questions as a header on on half of the page....on the other half of the page.....I would put a column that asks how important is this issue to a healthy community?  and another column that asks....How can XXX community members attack (or address) this issue together?

I would definitely consider the praise would be really cool to have one of those rolling blackboards with one side for wailing and one side for praising!  This would be great at back to school events, any community events or roaming from various churches and faith institutions!  What a fabulous idea this board is!  Praise questions: What are the strengths and assets in XXX community that will help us achieve/be (insert vision)?  What helps make our community  healthy?  What do you and your family love most about XXX community?   What do we have in XXX community that helps you and your family be the healthiest you can be?  When you talk about the best things in our community.....what are they?

Hope my thoughts help.  I would love for you to update on this board what you actually do so we can all learn from your experience!  Great idea!



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