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I am the Program Manager for a REACH (Racial and Ethnic Approaches to Community Health) grant in Arizona which is focusing on reducing health disparities related to diabetes and cardiovascular diseases among racial/ethnic groups.  I am planning our Vision session next month and I'm wondering if the Visioning Session should focus on developing a shared community vision with minority communities in mind or should we focus on a shared community vision for the entire community without an emphasis on minority communities? 


Would appreciate your input.


Anna Alonzo 

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Hi Anna,  Just my 2 cents here.....I think you can do a little of both.  This is also a great question to present to the group engaged in visioning.  Since the group focus is on reducing disparities, that should definitely end up being part of the vision.  One thing I have found helpful is to start visioning with developing value statements.  The value statements serve to guide your community work and collective work.  In addition, they often flesh out a vision statement.  One of your values may be related to reducing disparities.  Hope this is helpful.  Laurie

Thank you, Laurie, for taking time to respond.  Will definetly take your comments about Value statements and add to our session next week.




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