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Two recent articles in the Stanford Social Innovation Review (SSIR) introduced an important concept called "Collective Impact."  These articles bring a compelling, research-based case for why it is essential that community funders and organizations work in a mutually-reinforcing manner, rather than in an isolated manner.  While it seems to be common sense, it is cerntainly not the norm.  The authors identify 5 characteristics that lead to success with Collective Impact.

One great way to learn about this concept (and gain access to the SSIR articles, blog articles and many other resources) is to join the free site, and join the group on Collective Impact.   Community Commons is a new site that is rich with data and free capabilities that can benefit any MAPP coalitions.

If many partners all become familiar with Collective Impact, it will likely result in much more effective implementation of the strategies that are developed in the MAPP process.  Getting broad awareness of Collective Impact will also create awareness for funding the "backbone support" that enables the higher level of cooperation. 

To quickly learn about Collective Impact, search for: Collective Impact Channeling Change to view the January 2012 SSIR article. 

How many of you are embracing Collective Impact as part of your MAPP effort?

Best wishes,   Bill Barberg

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