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I am new at the MAPP process as I just became the REACH CORE Program Manager for the State of Arizona Department of Health Services.  We are ready to begin our Vision and Values process.  Would anyone be willing to share the questions that were used in their Vision and Values process?  Thanks so  much.


Anna Alonzo

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Hello Anna!

I've attached a few resources you may find helpful:

  • The Visioning Tip Sheet provides guidance for structuring the community visioning process. This includes preparations, building rapport, brainstorming questions, follow-up, etc.
  • The sample Visioning Survey was developed by Northern Kentucky District Health Department's MAPP partnership and is an example of a worksheet you could use in a visioning meeting.
  • The sample Visioning Flyer was developed by Partnership for a Healthier Alexandra (VA) and encouraged community members to participate in the process. (Notice how Alexandria provided incentives for people to participate: food, prizes, activities, etc.)


There are many ways to conduct the visioning process in MAPP. I was talking to an individual in Kansas City, MO who asked participants to create a hypothetical cover story for the July 2020 Time Magazine that describes the impact of community health improvement processes in their community. Do what you think would work best for your community!


Hi Anna,

Check out the questions posed in Alexandria, VA



Julia - thank you for guiding me to the Alexandria,VA youtube video.  It was very helpful.



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