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Here in Humboldt County, CA we are in the earliest stage of planning for MAPP.

We have many existing coalitions, and are concerned about how to make participation in the MAPP process appealing to these already busy people.

Does anyone have thoughts or examples of how you crafted your messaging to the different folks you recruited to your team?

Thanks in advance.

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We are at the same place you are here in Woodward County, OK.  We are a small community and you start to see a lot of the same people at all the different organizations.  What I did to get people to come to our initial meeting was send them a letter giving them a brief rundown of what MAPP is and included statistics from our county specifically.  One gentleman who represented our Chamber of Commerce said that got his attention and we also presented incentives available to the community that encourage buy-in, such as a financial reward they can get through the state health department.   

Thanks Genie.  We've drafted a similar letter, but didn't include local statistics.  That could help.

I was also going to pitch the potential that this work could be used for the hospital / health care entities in meeting their federal requirements.

What would the Chamber get out of it?

Oklahoma has programs called Certified Healthy Communities and Certified Healthy Businesses. If a community becomes a Certified Healthy Community, they receive financial incentives ( At this time, businesses do not receive monetary incentives. They are invited to a dinner provided by the health department to recognize them for their behaviors and changes.

Hi Georgianna,

We have had the same issues with both our MAPP process in both of our counties.

In order to help recruit people to the initial kickoff meeting we had an elected official who also served on our board of health sign the invitation along with our health director. After the first meeting, I made phone calls to each invited representative to ask if they understood the process and encorage commitment; during the phone calls we gave the specific examples of why we needed that sector represented. We confirmed the commitment to the process with a form signed by each organization.

During our second meeting we asked the group to help recruit any missing sectors to the process and a small membership committee was formed. The membership committee is pulled in periodically to recruit new participants, if needed. We also invited another elected official to one of the early meetings to thank everyone personally for participation.

I hope this helps!


I love the title of this discussion thread. It does indeed feel a bit like courtship as we recruit new members and keep folks engaged. In our case, our MAPP team is a team that already existed tied to additional community visioning work. They were happy to take on the structure of MAPP as a guide for future collaborative endeavors. Also, we worked to be sure that our United Way and local not-for-profit hospitals were engaged. It seems like sometimes we only invite the folks we know. The key person from the hospital who is active in the tobacco coalition may not be the same one who's interested in community assessment.

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