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Monitoring CHIP strategic plan once priorities have been established

Good afternoon all,

St. Louis County is in the process of identifying priorities through our community health improvement plan and is looking to get a sense of the long term actions to monitor it. For anyone involved with the process: do you have staff assigned to monitoring your strategic plan specifically?  If so, how many people make up the team? What are their credentials and how many hours per week do they spend on monitoring and developing a report for the community?


Thank you for any advice you can provide


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Here is a response from one of our MAPP communities:

“Our CHIP is new this year, so we do not have experience monitoring it long-term as of yet. We are undergoing some staffing changes currently and hope to hire a community health program specialist whose responsibilities will include monitoring and reporting progress for this plan, working in collaboration with the community health improvement steering committee and health department staff including the quality improvement and performance management specialist.


The CHIP and strategic plan are aligned and have overlapping priority areas. Regarding our strategic plan specifically, the quality improvement and performance management specialist is responsible for monitoring progress. She produces quarterly dashboard reports in addition to an annual report. Managers of various programs contribute information for these reports for their respective programs. The health department’s management team (consisting of the health department’s leadership, directors and managers) and quality council (consisting of representatives from programs across the department with a range of experience levels and credentials) use this information to monitor progress and identify quality improvement projects.”



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