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Just wondering if anyone had any written guidance related to criteria for selecting MAPP Steering Committee Members.  In addition, I would be interested in seeing various structures for the MAPP Process.  We generally see a staffing team or MAPP Core Team, and advisory and decision-making entity like a MAPP Steering Committee or Leadership Team, Assessment Sub-committees, the larger community and public health system as participants and action teams responsible for developing action and evaluation plans and implementing those plans.


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Hi Laurie,

Check out some of the resources on the MAPP Clearinghouse, specifically maybe the Phase 1: Organize for Success section. There should be some documents/presentations/worksheets on there that might help guide you through various phases of the MAPP process.

Hi Laurie, I would be interested in any resposes for written guidance to the selection criteria for MAPP Steering Committee members.  We are in the process of putting together by-laws for our collaboration and discussion came up today on this very topic.



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