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Does anyone have a budget for their MAPP Collaborative they are willing to share?  We are looking at operational cost for the collaborative as well as implementation costs for the action teams.  It would also be helpful to now your sources of income outside of grant funding.  Thanks!

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Hello Vanessa - I'm rather new (3 months) to the REACH Program for the State of Arizona Department of Health Services and am in the process of planning for our Visioning Session as well as the assessments.  I would be happy to share the budget that we develop when it is ready.  My contact information is:

Anna Alonzo

REACH Program Manager

602-542-2850 (desk)


Hi Vanessa,

I am in Homer, AK and we are one year into our first action cycle of MAPP. My coordinator salary is the only paid position thus far, and just for this next year, for the first time several partners are joining in with our local hospital, who has thus far paid my contract salary. If you want to email me, I can go into more detail of other sharing, which we have not had to catalog except as we have now begun to apply for (and have received 3) grants for our projects. Good luck~I'm glad to see this conversation starting here!

Sharon Whytal

Thanks Sharon and Anna for replying.  Sharon, like you, our primary cost has been for a contractual staff to coordinate the work of our action teams and the cost of our community forums.  I will be contacting you both to continue our discussions.



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