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So you've conducted the assessments, selected priorities, and suggested best practices. Anyone have some great ideas about tools for monitoring the action cycle?

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Hope all is well.  Yes - their is an integrated way to get your community operating with transparent tracking and accountability.  Please look at what the city of Bellingham, Washington has done (   Click on say "environmental."  What you see is an integrated Community Balanced Scorecard the community with which the community can be engaged.

When you scroll to be bottom of the page their is a 5 minute video regarding "How to read a Scorecard (Video.)"  This give you and overview of how Bellingham, Wa. took what Insightformation helped them develop using the InsightVision sofware on the back-end and without any additional separate input is able to in near real time input key data for the public's consumption. 

Checkout the video on the home page by Mr. Barberg regarding the "Closing the Execution Gap" and check out the online support library.  


Nate Szejniuk

Love the Scorecard! Terrific.

Another resource: get partners engaged with you to write a business plan on a specific item from your health improvement plan. The better job you do in the MAPP process, the more partner energy you unleash-- and that energy wants to move into action (whether you do planning or not). Business planning helps direct that partner energy into the most appropriate work. 

Check out the Management Academy website for business planning templates, models, and links to free, on-line training to get started:  (or get in touch with me directly!)

Steve Orton

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