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Our team wants to ensure mental heatlh is included in our assessment and improvement plans, but we are struggling with finding / choosing meaningful indicators.  Is anyone else using mental health data, and if so, what did you choose, and why did you choose it?  Thanks a ton in advance!  It's great to have you all to turn to.

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Hi Georgianna,

In Clark County, we included suicide rates, substance abuse rates and overdose death rates, and number or poor or fair health days in past 30 days in our CHA for mental health.  Our mental health representatives in the community are all serving on our Substance Abuse Action workgroup.  Healthy People 2020 have several objectives related to mental health, including suicide rate, which is a leading health indicator.  We have also used our state document- Healthy Kentucky 2020 as a guide in selecting indicators to track. 

Hope this helps!

Beth Willett

Clark County Health Department, KY

Thanks Beth!  This seems to be the consensus.  I'll check out Healthy Kentucky 2020, too!

I'm in Orange County, CA.  We are struggling with the same issue.  We chose suicides and hospitalizations due to mental diseases and disorders.  We didn't have local data for depression, but thought it was important.  So we used national data from that National Survey on Drug Use and Health on Major Depressive Episodes to be consistent with Healthy People 2020.

Thanks Jane,

We're finalizing our CHA now, and have included AOD data for youth and adults, suicide data, and also local data on medi-cal enrollees utilizing mental health services.  I am happy to share the doc as soon as it's finished - 2 or 3 more weeks with luck!

Thanks, Georgianna.  Would love to see it when it's complete.

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