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... you want to have all the ingredients, but even if you don't "if everybody puts something in the pot the results can be magical."  That's a quote from Karen DiSalvo, New Orleans Health Commissioner, in a nice article posted by Governing Institute Director (& former Kansas City Mayor) Mark Funkhouser on what some of the RWJF "Roadmaps to Health" prize winners are doing, at:

The article highlights collaborations (much in the spirit of MAPP) various winners are doing to influence determinants of health. in their communities.

RWJF Raodmaps to Health:

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I love the gumbo metaphor!  May I plagiarize?


If you use the "gumbo" metaphor, you won't be plagiarizing me, you'll be plagiarizing New Orleans Health Commissioner Karen DiSalvo. I've never met Karen, but I'll bet if you use it in the cause of improving community health, she won't mind.  (Nice if when you use it you cite Karen, though.)

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