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Hi Everyone,

(Pardon the duplicate posting! I am experimenting with using this newer forum, instead of our elist!)

We are at that critical juncture in our action cycle, where we need ongoing, collaborative funding for our coordinator position. Does anyone have a success story re community partners' sharing the funding of a position and how that worked? To date, our hospital has funded me as a contractor. We seem to be getting bogged down with how to put funds together for an ongoing position....even though several partners are interested. I know this is exactly what MAPP is doing, exploring new possibilities thru partnership. Thanks for any stories out there~

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thanks for the reply and clarification question, which I received off-list. The question was whether we are looking for money or the mechanism. The money was the issue first, and I think it was good for all the partners to have to look at whether they value the project enough, to examine a possible new way to support it. Our local, non-profit hospital has contracted coordination on its own thus far. Some orgs. realized they might have some money to contribute, so then how to offer benefits in a joint funding of a position became the current issue (I have had a position without any benefits, at a salary/not contract level and have said I need benefits to continue ahead).
The good thing is that our whole steering group and the hospital have clarified that they want the project to continue and recognize the need for coordination longterm. The nuts and bolts of how to fund an ongoing position collaboratively is what I am seeking input for, amongst other MAPP projects.

We're working with a variety of communities that have been on the MAPP journey, and each has a different approach to funding.   One community (Hunterdon County, NJ) made a strong application for the RWJF New Jersey Health Initiative based significantly on the Community Balanced Scorecard approach and the use of our InsightVision software, and they received a nice grant.  Another community with 3 hospitals is relying primarily on them to put in most of the funding for the collaborative infrastructure, with a big part of the justification being that it makes it faster and cheaper for each of them to meet their ACA Section 9007 requirements because they don't have to do everything separately.   Another community is having different partners each pitch in small amounts and include a slice of funds for the on-line strategy management system (InsightVision) and the consulting to support alignment and a community Balanced Scorecard in each grant.   To see a 12-minute video that Hunterdon uses as part of their successful grant application process, view:   (Expand it to full-screen when viewing for best results.)


Also, if yours State received Community Transformation Grant funds, they have to pass on 50% of those funds to communities, and communities that are organized around the MAPP process should be in great shape to get those funds--especially if they follow the approach taken by Hunterdon as shown in that Youtube video.


Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.



Bill Barberg

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