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Hello all,

I'm really concerned as I'm nearing the time when we're supposed to identify the priority indicators from the CHSA that it's going to be really difficult to do. We have about ~200 indicators total that are being included and will only have a 3-4 hour meeting for this process. 

Here's what I'm considering doing:

Have every sub-group (3 of them) answer the six questions for their list of indicators (Does it affect a large number of people, broad implications for long-term health solutions, etc.) as either yes or no or a scale from 1 to 5 - the issue is some of these questions should be weighted more than others it seems ... 

Anyways, ask each group to go through this process with their indicator and then taking the highest scoring indicators to the large meeting. 

Then, I may use a nominal group technique and ask everyone to rank their top 3-5 choices ... 

I don't know. Does anyone have any thoughts on this idea or suggestions for how you quickly/painlessly moved through this process? We're on a very tight timeline!



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Hi Julie,

Here are suggestions that come to mind:

  1. Have you tried organizing your many indicators into several "buckets" or categories that your other indicators could fall under (for example: preparedness, maternal and child health, etc.)? That way these indicators can be presented as categories with subcategories of further indicators.
  2. What else have you used to inform this large list of indicators? Have you done the other 3 assessments? What has come out of it?
  3. If there is an opportunity to wait before you move forward with prioritizing your top indicators, maybe it would help to collect more data first to see what the most pressing indicators for your community are?

Feel free to contact me at and send me your list of indicators if you'd like me to pass it on to my colleagues at NACCHO and maybe we can devise some way to help you.



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